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"Working with People’s Revolt was an easy and efficient choice. I had hired them after my time on ABC’s The Bachelorette, for social media and got more than what I expected. They were flexible with my schedule, worked hard to achieve my expectations, and went out of their way to be at a lot of my events and speaking opportunities. Aside from the work, they are genuine friends that I would collaborate with on any future project!"


Rachel Lindsay

ABC's The Bachelorette // ESPN






"Partnering with People’s Revolt was an easy choice for Cinderblock. Kali and Shabby have always understood the vision of our company and share a mutual passion for creatives and music. We believe in what they are doing and enjoy mentoring them as they grow their footprint. We value their partnership and look forward to pushing both of our brands forward together."


Jake Ryan Hull

President of Cinderblock







"People’s Revolt was a perfect pick as a partnership with our company, Artist Uprising, which is focused on abolishing starving artistry. We hold the same values of discovering hidden talent and doing whatever it takes to share it with the world. Kali and Shabby are hardworking creatives with hearts of gold. We’re looking forward to our endeavors with each other and know our work is in great hands."


Merrick Porchéddu

CEO of Artist Uprising




"As I was gearing up to launch my single “Cry”, I knew I needed a PR team that understood my music and my vision. That is where People’s Revolt came in. Kali and Shabby have been friends who have always supported my music and understood where it came from. I was very impressed by their work and look forward to continuing to work with them.."


Mitchell Ferguson





"My name is Said Abusaud, and I am the owner of Afterglow Gallery. I usually work on 2-3 different series a year and I release it solo. This time though, I had an idea so massive, I knew I wanted to work alongside someone else to help reach the appropriate audience. If you know me personally, you know how I am rather particular with whom I work with. If I do something, it has to be either 200% perfect, or I will not do it at all. With such high expectations, I knew there was only two people I could think of that could deliver perfect results in my mind, and that is Kali and Shabby of People’s Revolt. Yes, the PR firm is new, but don’t let that fool you; the combination of skills, experience and hospitality I received from them was incredible. I was constantly being updated with any news I needed to know, no matter the hour, and they made sure to know all of my needs before we moved forward. They are willing to do whatever they can do humanly possible to help reach your goal, and exceed it. They were really good friends before I asked them for PR services, and now they’re family to me. I will always pick them for any release I have going forward."


Said Abusaud

Owner of Afterglow Gallery

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