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What's Social Media Anyways?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Social media is the way we all consume our media, share the latest life update, and waste away time. But, in technical terms, social media is computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities.

Originally, most people used social media for personal use and entertainment. Some pioneers in social media were online blogs like Xanga and messengers such as AIM or MSN. Many consider Myspace to be the first real social media platform, bringing normal people suddenly closer to celebrities in a way never imaginable and connecting people all over the world on one platform.

Take all the elements of social media and mix it with branding and you get social media marketing - in other words, digital marketing. If you and your business aren’t taking advantage of social media in this day and age, you are most likely behind.

This newer form of communication, allows us to connect and communicate with people across the world in real-time. Which in return creates the opportunity to expand brands internationally and gives us the ability to create products for any target audience. Think about it. Say you create a hair product specific to middle eastern hair types but you live in Brazil. With the right social media platforms and strategy, you can reach your target demographic globally without having to have a brick and mortar shop, an expensive infomercial that no one is actually going to watch, or a billboard that will only be noticed during rush hour.

Benefits of Being on Social Media

Free Advertisement

Although running ads on social media is a thing, you can also reach an audience for free with a well-planned hashtag strategy and really good content. Social media allows your business to constantly be advertised to your current demographic while building a new audience at the same time.

Showcase Your Personality

Social media gives you an opportunity to show off your brand personality which is extremely important when creating relationships with those who invest in your products/services. You can post about your beliefs, your values, and all about the things that make your brand one-of-a-kind. Now days, most people are going to look you or your product up on social media before landing on your website, so you want to have a presence that you feel represents you well.

Real-time Connections

Gone are the days of fake perceptions on social media. Consumers want honesty, transparency, and communication. In terms of news and damage control, social media is perfect for that. Have a new launch? Let your consumers know instantly! Unhappy customer? Make things right with a personal apology via direct message. The opportunities for connection and communication are endless and instant.

Direct Targeting

Your analytics on social media are almost always free and can help you better understand your audience, which in turn helps you better your marketing efforts. Say you are a jewelry company and your sales have become stagnant. Well, a look at your Instagram Analytics can let you know what pieces your audience liked most, which allows you to sell more of the products they want on that platform. It also allows you to tap into a market that you might not have known about and creates opportunities to directly target your ads right on their screens.

Bottom line is, social media is imperative for the growth of your brand. It allows you to create a presence and voice online.


At People's Revolt, we offer a variety of social media services from content creation to platform management and digital ads. Our efforts mix creativity with strategy to create the most successful outcomes.

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