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How to Establish Your Brand on TikTok

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

What once was a simple app to lip-sync or do funny dances to has taken the world by storm. This platform has advanced to having its own set of influencers, inside jokes, and has given people and businesses a new and unique opportunity to showcase their brand in a way never done before.

Here is what you need to know to make your brand known on this innovative and successful app.

Study the Platform

In order to see success on any platform, it requires a heavy knowledge of the platform itself. Explore this app from the perspective of a viewer and a creator in order to see which content is getting the most clicks and what niche group your brand fits into. TikTok's algorithm is what makes it stand out above all other apps. The "For You" page is genuinely for you as a viewer. It sorts through hundreds of thousands of videos to completely customize your page. This means that your content needs to be categorized appropriately in order to fit within the algorithm. Research what "groups" appear on TikTok and determine which ones best represent your brand, then target them.

Create Fun Content

People are drawn to the app for its fun and entertaining nature. People are not using this app in the same way they use others like Instagram, Twitter, or even Youtube. The lack of time allotted (60 seconds or less) requires users to be quick and clever in order to get the results desired and allow the content to be engaging. Research songs that are popular and discover new and exciting ways to showcase your brand through these songs. This will automatically make you more appealing within the algorithm and allow fans of the song a better chance to discover you on their own.

Be Authentic

Your brand and voice are unique and have a spot on this platform, all you have to do is find it. TikTok is known for its very personal and niche audience groups. Once you determine your primary, secondary, and niche audiences you can begin to use your hashtags and captions in a way that will target those specific groups. These groups will flock to your page when they see a topic that interests them being displayed in a true and authentic way. Be you but be smart about it.

TikTok Advertising

When it comes to ads TikTok has four different types available.

  1. In-feed Native Content: Similar to Snapchat and Instagram story ads.

  2. Brand Takeovers: This is where a specific brand takes over TikTok for the day. They can use that day to display videos, images, challenges, and embedded links. This is usually saved for larger brands that can afford a campaign this size.

  3. Hashtag Challenges: Use already existing challenges to hop on trends by simply making a video that relates and using that specific hashtag in the caption attached.

  4. Branded Lenses: These are similar to Snapchat's lenses that can be used on photos or videos.

Using advertisements is a great way to reach outside of your niche groups and show your brand to others that may have never have found you otherwise.

Launch Your Own Hashtag Challenge

As mentioned above, hashtag challenges can be used by other companies as a response to the ongoing hashtag but why wait when you can launch your own? Launching your own allows any hype that the tag creates to lead back to you. You are the original owner and will receive the credit in the long run. These challenges can be general to reach a wider audience or more paired down to attract a specific following. Either way, no one knows when a hashtag challenge will blow up, why couldn't it be yours?

Add Your Own Spin

You don't have to come up with the newest TikTok trend in order to be original. While following current trends will keep you relevant and in the know, having new and original content will show that your voice is bigger than a current trend. When it comes to promoting a business or brand you need to showcase what makes your specific company unique. Why, as a consumer, should I invest my time and money into your brand? Experiment with different content to see if you can broaden your groups and gain more exposure.

Use the App to its Fullest

The app is embedded with so many features to choose from and though using too many will make your brand look immature, using the right ones during appropriate times will help boost your presence on the platform. With music, texts, filters, effects and so much more, determining which of these will best represent your brand is the key. Try different ones to see which are your favorites. Save them to drafts so you can view the differences and understand which will display your brand the best. When in doubt make your own!

Share to Other Platforms

The best part of having multiple platforms is that when one does good you can share the love with the other. By sharing from one to the other you are reaching different audiences with only having to make a single piece of content whether that be a video, a photo, a graphic, etc. The overlap is crucial to any brand. When a viewer sees something they like on your TikTok the next step is to see what else you have going for you. This means viewing not only your whole TikTok profile but also clicking your other socials like a website or an Instagram.

Work with Influencers

Similar to Youtube, TikTok is full of influencers. Finding an influencer that embodies the same values and goals of your company can lead to a beautiful partnership. They will be able to promote your brand either through product reviews, shoutouts, or having a discount code in their name. In return, you, as the brand representative, would provide them with freebies, discounts, or promotions on your end. These will benefit both parties, the influencer will be given a product or service while the company will be given fantastic exposure. If you are able to make this an ongoing partnership do it, there is nothing better than having a loyal, long-term connection to an influential persona.

TikTok, like every other platform, has its own set of rules and standards. Learning what these are and making the most of them will allow your brand to have a spot at the most current and influential table there is. Don't wait, now is the time to expose your brand to the next generation and have fun while doing it.

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