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6 Lessons Every Marketer Can Learn From Emily In Paris

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Emily in Paris tells the story of a marketing executive turned influencer from Chicago who is transferred to Paris to offer an American perspective to a small Parisian marketing firm. The Netflix series has been criticized all over the internet, but there's actually some value to it if you dig really deep. Although this is a fun rom-com series, there are in fact a few lessons that marketers can learn from the first 10 episodes of the series.

*Warning* there may be spoilers ahead.


Lesson One: A Different Perspective Could Change Everything

The whole basis of the show is about Emily bringing a more American perspective to the French office of the company. It’s something that can keep global businesses thriving by really understanding each market segment. After all, you can't market the same thing to people from two opposite ends of the world. That's why market research is necessary, or in this case, bringing in that person from the other side of the world.

Lesson Two: Trust The Newbie

Sometimes there needs to be a disruption to the work environment. People who are generally from an older generation or have been with a company for a long period of time are fixed in their ways, but by adding a modern twist to traditional practices, success can truly blossom. It's all about getting innovative, even if it is uncomfortable.

Lesson Three: Know Your Audience

When one character, Antoine wanted to sell his perfume he made a pretty sexist ad. It portrayed a naked woman only wearing the perfume walking down the street as men admired her as to say it’s what women desire - to be free and sexy. But it came off offensive to Emily and she made a great point that women in America tend to be more feminist and not approve of being objectified. She wanted to make sure the client knew their audience internationally and not just people they related to.

Lesson Four: Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Emily moved to Paris, France, and expected a romantic journey full of delicious food and girl boss moves. She would go on to be semi-tormented by co-workers and disrespected by others in the community. It never dawned on her why this was happening. However, she got a rude awakening when she was told by a colleague that she was treated this way by others because she never took the time to learn French or really anything about the culture. In order to connect with your team and target audience, you must understand their environment.

Lesson Five: Don't Be Afraid To Try Something You Believe In

In any client campaign, Emily is an innovator and offers a fresh and fun activation or marketing strategy. Almost every single one is met with backlash or negativity from her co-workers, but in the end, her ideas always prove to be extremely successful for her client. Do your research and trust your gut, you just might be the new fresh idea a client is looking for.

Lesson Six: Things Don't Always Go As Planned, And That's Okay

Perhaps the greatest lesson in this show is that sometimes things have to go terribly wrong before they can go right. Emily went from living a vanilla life that was comfortable to losing it all in a foreign country with no friends or family, to being one of the greatest assets to her clients and her firm. If she were to give up when things started to go wrong in Paris, she would never have seen the success she did or created the relationships she has.

We can't wait to see what lessons season two brings! Are there any lessons you took away from the show? Let us know in the comments down below.

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