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10 Publicity Tips to Gain Media Attention

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

In any business, it is vital to have public relations. While marketing and public relations go hand-in-hand, marketing is often the story you are telling your consumers, and public relations is the story the media is telling your consumers. Businesses want to make sure they create a clear and concise public relations plan to help tell their story in the most efficient and captivating way, after all, why do all that hard work when if it isn't gaining any type of engagement or conversation.

Here are 10 tips to gain some publicity:

1. Get The Media’s Attention

If you give the media a story they can't resist, you are more than likely going to get coverage. You want to make your story captivating to reel people in with a luring title and enticing subheader. The media is always scouting for something new, creative, and trendy. Make sure to research outlets and journalists who cover similar topics and engage with them to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

2. Promo, Promo, Promo!

Create promotional ads, merchandise, and anything worth collateral with your company’s assets attached to help resonate with your customers. The more your brand colors, slogans, or logos appear and the more consumers who buy your merchandise, the more you will be able to obtain a newer audience and keep the attention of your current one through brand familiarity.

3. Create Competitions

Who doesn’t love a good competition? Competitions, raffles, social media giveaways, and other contests will boost your publicity. Try thinking of an issue, event, or topic relevant to your business and create a competition around that aspect. For example, if you run an online boutique, run an online giveaway where your customers can show off their favorite outfits for a chance to be featured on the website and win some money. Make sure that your brand is promoted strongly throughout the competition.

4. Hold A Media Event

The media is going to be how you disperse your message to the masses. Have a press conference or a media junket whenever you have something important to announce in your business. Include an entertaining element, such as a live performance, exclusive interview, or gift bags to provide more value for the experience. Outside of a story, these events can create a networking opportunity with journalists.

5. Think Local

Major media can be difficult to attract. If you are a smaller brand or don't have a captivating story, you might be too small to make it in their media over your larger competitors. Local news outlets like local television, newspapers, blogs, radio, and podcasts, are a great way to obtain press and create some buzz to attract a larger outlet. They might be small, but they are mighty.

6. The Young Audience

Most people target PR efforts at adults but children and young adults are very visual and more intelligent than most might think. In fact, Get Z has a buying power of $143 billion in the U.S. alone. Why not cater to a younger audience to lock in a future consumer and someone with potentially more access to media - digital and traditional. Think about all of the brands you remember from growing up that were more catered towards adults. 877-CASH-NOW anyone?

7. Be Prominent On The Web

Believe it or not, the internet is your friend. People most commonly seek out information online, and in fact, use it to connect with others and organizations. Updating and customizing your SEO will allow you to reach a great number of people. Create a blog for your website or landing pages for events, all of which will increase your SEO presence. Make sure to research and use correct keywords to reach what your target audience is searching for online.

8. Don’t Forget The Holidays

Remember to make the Holidays work in your favor but be cautious of feel-good news such as charities and holiday events. PR Work during the holidays can make your company catered towards family and community. This will create a sense of wholesomeness and compassion for your viewer and/or consumer.

9. Don’t Fib

Don’t lie to clients, journalists, or bloggers unless you are wanting to ruin your reputation. The old saying goes "the truth will set you free". The last thing you want is your company getting caught in a web of lies with the press. Honesty is key and highly important in building trust and credibility.

10. Always Preserve Your Integrity

By now you should know your company's morals and values, stick to them. Integrity means not compromising yourself and taking the high road whenever you can. Stick to your guns and do the right thing even if it is not the most popular thing. Keep that integrity and dignity.


Ready to tell your story to the world? At People's Revolt, we offer a variety of public relations services from Press Kit curation to press campaigns. We've been telling other's stories for years, and have had success by following these 10 tips and continuing to mix traditional and innovative strategies.


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