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How To Pitch YourselF

Part 3

Join us on Monday, August 9 at 7:00 PM/CT as we teach you the tips and tricks you need to pitch yourself + conduct an interview with the media!

Everyone has a story but not everyone knows how to share theirs.

That's where Public Relations comes in.

In this virtual event, you will learn how to conduct a successful public relations campaign once you secure an interview with the media by...

Don't secure a media interview just to bomb it! We want you to feel confident every step of the way from securing the opportunity to executing the interview and long after the press placement is published.

No matter if it's TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs, or any other media outlet, this virtual event will help you stay ready so you don't have to get ready.

Join us on Monday, August 9th, 2021 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM/CST as we teach you media training basics, media messaging, and the four key things you need to keep in mind when you interview!

The best part? It's ONLy $35!

What does this include?

●   How To Pitch Yourself Part III Worksheet
●   Automatic entry into an EXCLUSIVE giveaway
●   Access to Zoom call with our Co-Founders
●   Early access to How To Pitch Yourself Part IV
●   Access to a private Facebook group
●   Live Q&A session with our Co-Founders

Once you register, we will email you with the Zoom link for the call as well as a reminder email the day before and the day of the event.

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Being in the industry for 5+ years, our Co-Founders, have gained insight and experience on how to perfect your story, transform it into a pitch, and share your message with the world. They have helped 50+ clients improve brand awareness, increase sales, and create opportunities for growth through their public relations services.

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We can't wait to help you tell your story.

The deadline to register is August 8th.

See you soon!
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Who is this virtual event for?


This event is for anyone who is interested in sharing their story with the world and getting more press. We created this event with entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals who have a message to share in mind. Doesn’t sound like you? That’s okay, it’s also for anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator, especially in interview settings.

Is it okay if I haven’t attended How to Pitch Yourself Parts 1 and 2?

Yes, each part offers valuable information about pitching yourself. Although it’s better to understand each step in the pitching process and how they come together for the bigger picture, you don’t necessarily have to attend all the parts of this four-part series. Especially, if you just want to learn about interview etiquette with the media which is what we are covering in this segment.

What do I need to bring to the event?


Yourself, the workbook we will provide beforehand, something to write with, and a ready-to-learn mindset.


Will I need my microphone and video on during the Zoom webinar?


We encourage you to have your video on throughout the virtual event so we can get to know each other. You will have many chances to speak, ask questions, and provide feedback throughout the event. However, we do ask that you stay muted until those times are presented.

What do I do with the information after the event?


The rest of the story is yours to write. The workbook and event will equip you with the information and tools you need in order to execute the strategies we will provide for you.


If you find that you would rather outsource what you have learned, People’s Revolt offers a variety of public relations services you can view here or under our services tab above.

What is the refund policy?


We do not issue refunds. We do our best to provide an exceptional experience in our How To Pitch Yourself series so you gain the most value from it.

I have a question about the event, who is the best contact?

You can contact us at info(@) with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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